10 Best COMP Upgrades in Soul Hackers 2


When you dive into the Persona 5-inspired world of Soul Hackers 2, you find yourself battling all the agents of evil trying to bring about the end of the world. What better way is there to take them down than by improving your summoner composition and dealing the extra damage you need to take down these enemies?

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Once you’ve met Tatara and visited the Mansei Kingdom often enough, you’ve probably realized how important upgrading your COMP really is. With a wide variety of affinity upgrades, remember that you can also acquire primary upgrades (these are the ones with a star icon), but these don’t stack. They cancel each other out, so if you want to reapply for the previous main upgrade, you’ll have to pay again.


10/10 Electrical Affinity B

Dormarth in soul pirates 2

When taking on a group of demons with Electric weaknesses, one of the best things to do is to make sure your Gear Affinity level with Electric Mistics is higher than usual. You will be able to increase the damage dealt with higher mistic affinity.

But what do you need to perform this COMP upgrade? Well, first of all, don’t think it will be cheap, because we’re talking about a 30,000 yen investment on your part. Additionally, you need to find a Cheap Chip and two Divine Mane to complete the upgrade.

9/10 Auto Repair

Soul Hackers, Ringo, Milady, Arrow and Saizo

The first auto-skill, or passive skill if you prefer, that you should buy is auto-repair. This way you will have the chance to receive HP over three turns for all your allies. It’s a good way to save on MP if you prefer to use it in other ways.

As it is an automatic skill, Ringo is the only one who can use it, but all team members receive the benefits. You’ll need 30,000 yen in cash, and in terms of materials, you’ll need to find three Totem Memory, a Jirae Crest, and three Drakes Claw.

8/10 Physical Boost II

ringo in soul hackers 2

Violence isn’t always the answer, but sometimes it is, especially when the problem is a horde of demons. Sure, it’s fine to fight demons with electricity or fire, but what about taking them out with good old physical damage, like Yusuke would in Persona 5?

This upgrade gives you the ability to deal 35% more damage when hitting an enemy with Physical Weakness. Now it’s worth investing the 40,000 yen and looking for two Demon Alloy and three more Dragon King’s Eye when upgrading Ringo. While Milady is going to need two Demon Alloys and four Fairy Sinew.

running ringo in soul hackers 2

If you’re looking for a particular demon and can’t stand the endless run anymore, this COMP upgrade is exactly what you need. No more senseless fights, once you upgrade with Meta-Search you can search for the demon you were looking for and have enemy encounters that feature that demon marked with a special icon.

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This is a good thing to figure out especially early on when you’re still trying to catch a diverse cast of demons. For 15,000 yen, it’s yours, and you just have to find two Totem Memory.

6/10 Healing Affinity B

arrow, milady, ringo and saizo attacking the iron mask in soul hackers 2

Healing is one of the most used abilities in the Shin Megami Tensei universe. Much like the previous entry on Electric Affinity, this perk gives you the chance to have a higher Healing Mistic.

For 30,000 yen, a Pirate Chip and two Yoma Veils, Ringo will keep your team looking good and healthy, while Saizo will need a Cheap Chip and two Avian Magatama. You’ll want to make sure you have it especially once these battles get more intense.

5/10 ATK+5

ringo, arrow, fig an milady eat soul hackers 2

As we said before, physical damage is a pretty big aspect of the game, and you should invest in it. The last entry on physical damage was about exploiting enemy weaknesses, but with the ATK+5 upgrade you’ll get a generic physical skill, bonus attack, and increased damage.

With an investment of 40,000 yen on your part, you will be able to take down your enemies with everything you have. You will also need to find two True Demon Ores and three Jaki’s Ankle to complete the COMP upgrade for Ringo. For Arrow, you will need two True Nitrium and three Jirae Crests. For Milady, you will need two True Demon Ore and three Avian Magatama. While Saizo will need two True Nitrium and three Divine Gilt Helm.

4/10 damage capacitor

Soul Hackers 2 demons running a sabbath with a special skill

The Sabbath movement in Soul Hackers 2 is one of the most exciting moments in battle. Especially when you can hit all enemies at once. But what if you wanted the Sabbat to only hit one demon on the field? That’s what Damage Condenser is for.

By focusing the Sabbath on a single enemy and increasing its power, you will be unstoppable. After spending 6,000 yen and giving Tatara three Totem Memory, three Wild Antenna, and two Demon Skin, you will be able to do so.

3/10 Shot Boost II

howling arrow in soul hackers 2

If you’re more interested in Gun Damage and have built your roster in that direction, you might be more inclined to choose the Gun Boost II upgrade. With it, you will have the same 35% increase in damage when targeting an enemy weapon weakness. Just like in Physical Boost II.

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After paying 40,000 yen, you can add it to your COMP upgrades, don’t forget to find the necessary materials as well. It will be two Nitrodite and three Foktongue Woman, for the MK90, while for the Tommy Gun, the same Nitrodite and two Angelic Sceptres.

2/10 Master Conversion

Soul Hackers 2 Ringo looks unhappy

One of the last COMP upgrades we suggest trying to grab is the Master Conversion. Once you add it to Ringo’s summoner tools, you can let your allies change all of their demons mid-battle. You need four turns to get there, but it’s worth the wait.

You’ll need 60,000 yen to buy it from the COMP blacksmith, and you’ll also need three Totem Memory, three Beast Paws, and two Wicked Bird Coal.

1/10 Warrior II preview

Soul Hackers 2 - Milady clashes

Finally, let’s add some extra physical power to the gang. With Warrior’s Insight II you will increase the critical rate of all physical skills, this way you will really be able to pack a good punch.

As far as good COMP upgrades go, Warrior’s Insight II sits at around 40,000 yen, and you’ll need to bring two Demon Alloy and three Dubious Wheels with you. After bringing all this to Tatara, you will see that the critical rate explodes.

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