3 financial tools to fall in love


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A little help can go a long way in reducing the stress of money management.

Key points

  • Many people struggle with managing their finances, and there’s nothing to feel bad about.
  • There are online tools that can help you figure out everything from budgeting to taxes to paying bills.
  • Here’s how Truebill, Mint, and TurboTax could help you gain financial literacy.

According to a study by the Global Finance Literacy Excellence Center, 63% of Americans are financially illiterate. If you’re not confident in your financial knowledge, you’re in good company and nothing to be ashamed of. Fortunately, there are plenty of free online tools to help users learn more about managing their finances.

Here are three easy-to-use financial tools that can help you track your spending, save more money, and make sure Uncle Sam gets paid on time.

1. Truebill: cancel unwanted subscriptions and negotiate bills

Truebill is a mobile app that can help you control your spending and achieve your financial goals. One of its main features is to help users identify and cancel unwanted subscriptions. In fact, Truebill has canceled over a million subscriptions on behalf of its members.

It can be easy to sign up for paid subscriptions and forget about them, which could affect your checking account each month. So, signing up for a service like Truebill could help you organize and reduce your subscription clutter.

Truebill can also help users reduce their bills. This premium service allows Truebill traders to get the best rates for their users. Plus, their concierge service helps you get refunds on overdraft and late fees, save on cellphone or cable bills, and find better rates on car insurance. The objective of Truebill is to manage the human part, so that users do not have to deal with it.

2. Mint: helps you stay focused on your financial goals

Mint is one of the most downloaded personal finance apps. It’s designed to track expenses and create a financial plan — and it even monitors users’ credit scores. Mint also automatically calculates personalized information about users’ spending, providing recommendations on where they can save more money.

Users can connect their financial accounts and calculate their net worth in real time. With Mint, you can also create alerts for payment due dates and set status updates on your monthly budget. Mint also provides financial coaches to help users know where they can improve and what to do next.

3. Turbotax: facilitates taxes

Taxes can be stressful, but using simplified tax software can make the process a little smoother. TurboTax makes the list one of our best online tax preparation software platforms. TurboTax guarantees 100% accurate calculations on tax returns and searches over 350 tax deductions. In addition, the service electronically files users’ taxes to get tax refunds faster.

Both TurboTax and Mint are owned by Intuit, so they provide users with seamless integration. This means you can use Mint to track tax-deductible transactions. Then, after filing your taxes through Turbotax, you can be notified through Mint when your refund arrives.

These three tools offer a few ways to help you improve your finances. If you’re looking for more resources, check out our full list of the best financial literacy apps for more ideas.

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