A pricing game

By Saumyangi Yadav

“In the East Division alone, more than 500 complaints registered against motorists in two days”

After application cabin aggregators slashed fares by up to 50% for auto rickshaw services, complaints have now begun to pile up against motorists in the city for overload.

Traffic police officials told the Bangalore Mirror that in the Eastern Division alone, more than 500 complaints were registered against motorists in just two days. “Most of these complaints are about regular rickshaw drivers, not Ola, Uber or Rapid cars. There are complaints about drivers being unfriendly or completely refusing to go. They also charge passengers very high fares and refuse to go by the meter,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic East) Kala Krishnaswamy.

Recently, as complaints grew, authorities launched special campaigns against motorists in the city. “For two days, we undertook intensive journeys to bring the problem under control. We seized auto-rickshaws. Apart from that, we conduct educational programs for car drivers. We regularly book cars; but now we have made more vigorous and targeted efforts to solve this problem in the city,” said the PCD says BM.

Meanwhile, commuters BM spoke to said they have also started opting for app-based car services since prices were slashed.

“At least the apps show a fixed price which is usually reasonable these days. On the other hand, local motorists are asking for something between Rs 150-200 for just 3km ride sometimes.

They say as it is peak time they will charge extra and cite similar reasons,” said resident Ramya V. Jayanagar.

Recently, after a fight between private taxi aggregators and state department of transportationApp-based taxi aggregators have reduced the minimum fare to Rs 35 for auto rickshaws which previously stood at around Rs 100. Commuters hope motorists in the city will respect the same.

Recently, traffic cops in some areas of the city have been disguising themselves as regular commuters to catch and reserve cases from overloaded motorists. On the other hand, local car unions are said to be ready to launch their own application against the services of Ola, Uber and Rapido. The app called ‘Namma Yatri‘ should be launched within a month.


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