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My wife Michelle noticed some of the drywall tape coming off in the corners of our house. It’s probably my fault, but I had no desire to fix it. I eventually hired a fundamentalist preacher named Jim, who was doing some drywalling next door. Or maybe his main job was drywalling, but he also preaches. In both cases. Jim isn’t as old as me, but he’s old enough for the type of work he was doing—drywalling, not preaching. Anyway, he was old enough that we had a lot in common.

I like to watch and talk to repairmen as they work, but not all of them like being watched or talking to them. I once saw a sign in an auto repair shop that said, “Our repair rates: $50 an hour; if you look, $60 an hour; if you help, $75 per hour. I decided that even though Jim, the plasterer wasn’t very talkative, preacher Jim probably couldn’t help it. So, during the two and a half days that he was here, we conversed.

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Chuck Avery is a retired teacher who grew up in the Bucktown neighborhood of Connersville.


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