Auto Car Sales and Valeting opens at Kingston Road, Taunton


A CAR washing and valeting service has opened at a disused car sales site in Taunton.

Used vehicles are also sold from the Kingston Road lot.

It is expected that the Auto Car Sales and Valeting business could create four new jobs.

It is operated by director Rebwar Abdulrahman Ahmed.

His company has been granted change of use permission by Somerset West and Taunton Council to allow vehicle maintenance and washing to be the main activity on the site.

The car hand washing operation takes place on the forecourt previously used for car sales, although vehicles for sale are also stored on the grounds.

The premises and site, just north of the junction with Kingston Road, have been vacant for some time.

When planning permission was sought for the initiative, the council was told that vehicle repairs could also be carried out on site.

The existing building is used as “an office, welfare facilities and ‘dry’ accommodation for the internal cleaning of vehicles in rainy weather”.

There have been proposals to widen the existing access from Kingston Road to allow ‘in-out’ traffic flow.

Vehicles arriving at the site will remain stationary in designated demarcated areas while washers are used to clean the vehicle.

Vehicles are ‘soaped’ with rags and sponges, then rinsed with washers and hand dried and/or polished, before being moved to the other side of the site or building to be vacuumed.

It is expected that the company will accommodate between 30 and 40 vehicles per day.


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