Auto parts delays affecting area mechanics and drivers – NBC Chicago


Auto mechanics are in high demand to keep cars running longer as auto parts become harder to find.

According to the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association, there can be delays with brake pads, batteries, suspension parts, and parts with sensors, to name a few.

AASA said the delays were the result of issues with raw materials, shipping and workers.

“You may be lucky and your particular part and component it is in stock and the local distributor has that part and the repairman can get it on your vehicle, or you may have the fact that they can’t all just not get your part and it can be a long delay,” said AASA’s Paul McCarthy.

Janessa Wagner, owner of Itasca Automotive Repair, said some days she spent hours trying to find auto parts.

“I have to use multiple stores to finish a car, instead of getting everything from one place,” Wagner said.

Wagner urges consumers not to wait if they need a vehicle repaired.

“Because you don’t know how long it will take to get the parts,” Wagner said.

John Gerson told NBC 5 his car was rammed on the Eisenhower last November and a body shop is waiting for a part to complete the repair on his car.

“It happens and it’s like, well, I don’t have a car, but that means I can’t go to work and that means I can’t see a client at work and there’s so many layers below just the original issue,” Gerson said.


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