Auto repair shops are experiencing supply chain issues and increased demand


At the same time, a recurring trend related to the holiday season is the increased demand for new batteries.

“Cold weather will find a weak battery. These are the ones we are seeing failing right now. The cold will sort out the bad in a hurry. ”

Huziak said the average vehicle battery has a lifespan of three to five years, and once it reaches that point, it becomes more sensitive to freezing temperatures. One way to help extend the service life of a battery is to make sure the vehicle’s block heater is plugged in during periods of extreme temperatures.

While the demand for batteries has increased with the cold snap, item supply is not an issue. Supply chain issues come into play when more specific repairs require items that are typically not in stock.

Huziak said supply chain issues resulted in longer than normal shipping, which is expected, but impractical.

“There have been a few items that we’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks, but overall most of the common components that we need every day are readily available. “

The problem is not exclusive to local businesses. Meadow Lake’s OK Tire location is also experiencing supply chain delays due to the location of the company’s main warehouse in British Columbia.

Melonie Bear, director of operations, said that while many of their sourcing needs have been met by their local source, NAPA Unified Auto Parts Inc., there are still several items on hold until issues arise. shipment be resolved.

“We have to wait until they allow us to order tires,” she said. “Once that opens again, we can open more. If our other warehouse that we order from is sold out, we have to sit down and wait.

The company was aware that the cold snap would create demand for car batteries. Knowing that supply chain issues could be a problem, OK Tire turned to other suppliers to fill the stock in advance.

“As soon as it gets cold, our phone starts ringing. We like to make sure we have things in advance because we expect it, ”she said.

She added that the customers have been very understanding and patient with any delays.

Huziak and Bear both mentioned that people should prepare for emergencies before any travel during the holiday season and perform a pre-trip inspection to make sure everything is in good working order.

Drivers are cautioned not to overinflate their tires as the increased pressure associated with difficult conditions will cause excessive wear. Motorists are also advised to change the oil, bring a survival kit and ensure that their vehicles are fitted with tires suitable for the season.

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