Auto repair shops see more car repairs due to winter | Central Missouri News


COLOMBIA – With another flurry of snow and sleet coming Wednesday and Thursday, auto repair shops are busy fixing cars.

AAA spokesman Nick Chabarria said auto repair costs have generally increased since the pandemic began. Its data shows that even damage from potholes can cost drivers up to $600 alone.

Chabarria said other winter car repairs include taking care of salt-caused rust, which impacts things like brake lines, fuel tanks and exhaust systems. A Columbia auto repair shop said it’s used to servicing more cars this time of year.

“We’re seeing a big increase in cars that won’t start, dead battery issues, heat issues, and covers under vehicles being removed from the snow,” said Joseph Weaver, All-Car Service Manager. Star.

Weaver said regular visual inspection is the best thing people can do in bouts of severe weather like the middle of Missouri has seen this month. This includes checking the battery terminals, fluid levels, and engine lights.

One mechanic says undercarriage washes are a necessary and affordable step to protect your car in bad weather.

“Really clean underneath and help remove any rust or salt that might be on there,” Carl Wise said. “Anything that is washed will help rust longevity.”

Mechanic Carl Wise says washing your undercarriage is a key step in keeping your car out of the shop.

While there are things you can do at home, Wise said some cars with problems in the winter are key examples of “neglected maintenance”.

“Batteries and coolant, those are two big things,” he said. “It’s just things you don’t think about until it doesn’t work and then it’s an expensive fix. You have to make sure they can withstand the cold winter.”

AAA also suggests repairing body damage that shows bare metal to prevent additional rust, as well as deep cleaning your car’s undercarriage in the spring to better prepare your car for the next bout of winter.


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