Automobile-equipped 2023 Nissan Z sales suspended due to potential displacement hazard


The launch of the 2023 Nissan Z sports car was just getting off the ground, giving enthusiasts the choice of a six-speed manual transmission or a nine-speed automatic transmission mated to a 400-hp twin-turbo V6, but it’s already hitting turbulence. The automaker has voluntarily issued a stop-sale order on all new 2023 Nissan Z coupes equipped with the nine-speed automatic transmission; dealers therefore cannot sell their inventory and all orders are now on hold. Since this is only a problem with the automatic, cars with a six-speed manual are still good to use.

“Nissan initiated a quality control takeover [model year] 2023 Nissan Z [nine-speed] vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission on August 29, 2022 while it investigates this matter. The investigation is ongoing at this time,” a Nissan spokesperson said. MotorTrend. Nissan also confirmed in an email that the transmission issue is related to a similar problem reportedly found on the same nine-speed automatic transmission fitted to the Nissan Frontier and Titan pickup trucks, which have previously been the subject of a review. suspension of sale and a voluntary recall this year.

While not specifically detailed or confirmed by Nissan to be carried over to the Z, the existing issue with the nine-speed automatic transmission found on the 2020-2023 model year Frontier and Titan pickup trucks is related to non-engagement. of the parking pawl. , where the vehicle could be moved to “Park” and still potentially roll away if the parking brake is not also engaged, as detailed in documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) earlier this year.

Nissan Frontier and Titan owners whose vehicles are subject to the recall will be notified by November 1 later this year, the automaker said. It’s unclear when affected Nissan Z owners might be notified by the automaker for its similar issue at this time. It’s also unclear when Nissan will manage to fix the problem, which already involves up to 200,000 of its new pickups.

For affected Frontier and Titan owners, Nissan has previously instructed them to always apply the parking brake when the vehicle is parked or idle in “Park” until they are notified and provided with a solution. It would make sense that similar advice could and should be offered to owners of nine-speed Zs, if people aren’t already used to engaging the parking brake every time.


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