AutoVitals partners with the Transformers Institute


July 7, 2022—AutoVitals announced a partnership with Transformers Institute.

According to a press release, the two are working together to bring more resources and increase productivity to repair shops of all sizes.

AutoVitals is a provider of SaaS solutions for maintenance and repair shops. Transformers Institute is an educational organization.

Transformers provides live and video training, consulting and coaching programs, mergers and acquisitions assistance, marketing services and financial services to the entire automotive repair industry.

“When I implemented a digital process and started measuring inspection rates, number of inspections sent and number of photos taken, we started to see a significant increase in ARO (from $450 to $1,250!) and increased customer engagement. And with AutoVitals Workflow Management, we’ve been able to streamline many processes, making things easier up front,” said declared Frank Scandura of AutoVitals and Transformers in the press release.

AutoVitals and Transformers help stores increase car count, profitability, ARO, and more.

“Partnering with Transformers Institute will help provide stores of all sizes with the training essentials they need to be a top store in the industry. This is a ‘best in class’ training partnership meets best-in-class solutions, “and we’re excited to work with them to help stores on their journey toward their financial goals,” Chris Evans, director of business development and partnerships, said in the press release.


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