Benefit Concert Held to Ease Pascagoula Cancer Patient’s Financial Burden


ST. MARTIN, Miss. (WLOX) – Mark Guillotte is not a public figure or a celebrity. He’s just an ordinary hard-working guy.

“I was in the automotive business selling cars at Jackson Avenue Auto Sales for 25 years.”

But at 46, he received devastating news.

“The doctor told me to go live my life,” Guillotte said. “And that’s what I tried to do.”

In his life, he has done something amazing that comes back to help him fight stage 4 colorectal cancer.

He treated people with respect and love, and it paid off.

The man who has been his friend since childhood, Marty McGrath, co-owner of Biloxi Bay RV Resort & Marina in St. Martin, hosted the first Mark Guillotte Summer Bash Blowout.

It is worthy of a celebration.

“You know you just have to be a person that everyone likes and gives,” McGrath said. “Mark gives a lot to all his friends. And it’s a way for us to give back too. He knows a lot of people. So it touches many people’s hearts.

His mother Linda Guillotte knows the benefits of doing good with people.

“Mark is one of the most generous, loving and caring people you can find,” she said. “Your heart and what you have done for others and how you have reacted and interacted with others throughout your life is what will bring people together and bring them out for you.”

Guillotte says he’s overwhelmed.

“It’s been a lot to see people come out and share their love.”

And he wants his situation to serve as a message to everyone.

“This cancer does not discriminate,” Guillotte said. “It will affect everyone and everyone. So, guys, if you don’t feel good about your body or something’s wrong inside – you know your body as well as anyone – go get checked out by the doctors. And do your colonoscopy early.

McGrath said there would be a “Mark Guillotte Summer Bash Blowout” every year to help someone in Jackson County in need.

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