Best Cheap Car Insurance in Chicago


Finding the right car insurance can be like a tug of war between quality and price. But it’s often possible to find affordable car insurance that still provides the coverage you need. For example, several options exist for the best cheap car insurance in Chicago. Geico and Mercury offer comprehensive car insurance coverage in the Chicago area for average prices under $1,200 per year, based on Bankrate’s rate research. Behind these two awards are Secura, State Farm and Erie.

The average cost for full-coverage auto insurance in Chicago is $2,069 per year, or $172 per month. Minimum coverage auto insurance in the state costs an average of $627 per year.

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Chicago

Geico, Mercury and Secura had the lowest average annual costs for full coverage, according to our analysis of Quadrant Information Services pricing. Bankrate also calculated a Bankrate Score for each company reviewed on a five-point scale using information from third-party online agencies such as J.D. Power, AM Best, S&P, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and Moodys. While customer satisfaction and financial strength are among the primary factors included in our ratings, we also consider affordability, coverage options, and digital resources for policy and claims management. This information can help drivers make quick and informed decisions when looking for best cheap car insurance in illinois and Chicago.

Geico 4.7 847/1000 $1,152 $312
Mercury 4.2 Unclassified $1,194 $335
Secura 4 Unclassified $1,358 $374
state farm 4.7 848/1000 $1,373 $421
Erie 4.6 876/1000 $1,386 $696


Geico is a well-known insurer and one of the most financially stable car insurance companies. It provides strong online and mobile application options to their policyholders and has relatively low annual averages for their auto insurance. Although there are many points in favor of Geico, some find that it offers fewer additional coverage options than some competitors.

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Offering some of the lowest rates on our list for the Chicago area, Mercury has been in the insurance business for over 60 years. It offers competitive pricing and comprehensive digital tools for policy management and maintains a strong local agent presence in service areas. Unfortunately, Mercury is currently only active in 11 states and does not sell auto insurance outside of those states.

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Secura is a lesser-known insurance company, but it could be a strong contender for some drivers. In many cases, Secura offers relatively low rates and the company prides itself on maintaining a high standard of social responsibility. Although the company offers competitive rates on grouped fonts, they also only sell bundled fonts. Drivers cannot obtain an auto insurance policy from Secura on their own and must instead combine it with a home insurance policy.

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state farm

State Farm has been awarded in the past with the Bankrate Price 2021 in auto, home and life insurance, thanks to a high level of customer service, competitive rates, digital policy management tools and accessible agents. However, despite the many advantages of the company, it does not have 24/7 customer service.

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Erie has slightly higher average rates than some others on our list, but still competes with the state and national average. Additionally, this company scores high in the JD Power 2022 Customer Satisfaction Study. Yet Erie Insurance is only available in 12 states and offers limited options for online or mobile policy and claims management.

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How to Get and Keep the Cheapest Car Insurance in Chicago

In addition to browsing the reviews, there are a few tips and tricks to help you find and keep cheap car insurance in Chicago.

  • Shop around with insurers. When researching a new policy, it may be helpful to request quotes of several companies. Looking at average rates is helpful, but can be misleading because so many personal variables go into calculating a given person’s rate. By pulling multiple quotes based on your information, you can see which company will offer you the cheapest car insurance.
  • Drive smart and safe. Maintaining a good driving record is one of the most direct ways to maintain cheap coverage. The more travel violations you avoid, the lower your rates tend to be. There are limits to this, and it varies from company to company, but generally insurers charge lower premiums to drivers who are less likely to have accidents or receive tickets. Additionally, many insurers offer a discount to drivers who have not filed a claim in the past two to three years.

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