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Roadside assistance is offered by some car insurance companies as an additional cover. Note that you usually also need to have full coverage and collision. Roadside service plans are also sold by automobile clubs and companies specializing in emergency roadside assistance. And some credit card benefits include roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance plans aren’t standard — towing limits, price, covered calls per year, and other variables vary by plan, company, and even state. To identify the best roadside assistance plan for your needs, consider the following features when shopping.

Towing limits and roadside assistance plans

Most roadside assistance plans specify the towing distance from where your car breaks down, such as 5, 10, or 20 miles. If you have priority over a larger area of ​​applicable towing coverage, you’ll want to make sure the service you choose has an acceptable towing mileage limit that meets your needs.

Roadside Assistance Service Calls by Plan Year

When researching roadside assistance plans, be sure to check how many calls or tows you can have per plan year. Some roadside assistance plans limit the number of rescues to three or four per year.

On-site repairs for minor mechanical issues

Some roadside assistance plans offer help if you break down and need a mechanic to do minor repairs, which won’t last more than about an hour.

Extended roadside assistance coverage

If you want to make sure coverage extends to your family, or you if you’re a passenger, review the details of any road plans you’re considering. Not all roadside assistance plans cover you as a passenger or member of your household. Note that some companies offer upgrades that include family plans and higher coverage limits.


Sometimes your car gets stuck in mud, snow, ice or in a ditch. Then you need a winch to get your vehicle out and back on the road. Look for a roadside assistance plan that includes winching if you are concerned about this type of service call.

Lost key services

Some roadside assistance plans will pay to send a locksmith to help you if your keys are lost or stolen, although you usually have to pay to replace the key. Keep in mind this isn’t always included in roadside assistance plans – some will only help you if you’ve locked your keys in your car.

Roadside assistance and trip interruption benefits

If an emergency listed in your plan means you have to unexpectedly overnight at a hotel while your car is being repaired, trip interruption benefits can help pay for meals, transportation, and accommodations. Trip interruption benefits are usually found in more comprehensive roadside assistance plans and usually require you to be within a specified distance of your home, such as 100 miles.

Roadside Assistance Pricing

What you pay for roadside assistance services depends on the company you purchase your plan from and the level of coverage you have, among other factors.

If paying the lowest price is most important to you, you might want to start with your current car insurance company. Keep in mind that if you purchase roadside assistance from your auto insurance company, frequent emergency claims may result in an increase in your auto insurance premium. If you use the support service for an occasional emergency, your rates will not be affected.

If your car insurance company’s roadside assistance benefits don’t include everything you want, such as coverage for other drivers in your household or a higher towing mileage limit, you can pay a little more but be more satisfied with a plan from an automobile club. . Automobile clubs may also offer benefits beyond roadside service, which may include membership discounts, trip planning assistance, or trip interruption compensation.

Some roadside assistance companies offer multiple levels of coverage. So while the budget plan may be the cheapest, the first plan may include more benefits that you want. For example, AAA, AARP, Allstate, Better World, Good Sam, Nationwide, and Travelers all offer more than one roadside assistance plan.


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