BG student prepares for a successful D214 apprenticeship program


When she was a little girl – barely 7 or 8 years old – Kristy Rubino started helping her dad make things right. He was a jet engine mechanic and at home Kristy was often by his side when he was in the garage, helping fix the car’s brakes, doing oil changes, or just handing him his tools.

Understandably, by the time she headed to Buffalo Grove High School, Kristy had her eye on the District 214 auto repair career path, and more specifically Automotive Systems, or Autos 1.

“I wanted to take the first year of Autos 1, but I couldn’t; I chose Intro to Engineering instead, ”she says.

But her practical experience helped her quickly make up for lost time. Teacher Jeff Bott, head of the vocational and technical education division at Buffalo Grove High School, calls Kristy a “rock star.” And in the first year, the staff in District 214 encouraged her to apply for an apprenticeship.

Now a senior, Kristy is a paid construction and trades apprentice in the operations department of District 214, where she reports at 6 a.m., two or three days a week, for a four-hour shift. In addition to her automotive expertise, she learned everything about HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing, carpentry and refrigeration.

“Every day is different, depending on who needs help,” she says. “We are working in all the schools in the district and on all the different equipment. “

She is also enrolled in the Practical Architecture & Construction course, completing her on-the-job training.

She says the success of the District 214 apprenticeship program depends on commitment and time.

“Anyone can come, but it’s about asking questions and wanting to take the plunge. You have to climb the ladder, turn the keys, ”she said. “You can’t just stand back and wait for people to tell you what to do. You have to step in, try things out and get dirty. And don’t be afraid to mess it up. That’s how you learn.”

Current juniors can apply for the fourth year of the District 214 Apprenticeship Program, which will begin in the summer of 2022. Apprentice positions are available within District 214 and also with several local businesses, and in a variety of ways. of fields – including multimedia, healthcare, information technology and more. Applications should be sent on January 15th. Apply on this link:

In her car lesson, Kristy says she was the only girl.

“Everyone always asks me about this,” she laughs. “But I grew up as a tomboy. I’m so used to it. It really doesn’t make any difference to me.”

Kristy heads to Southern Illinois University after graduation. She was accepted into the SIU Automotive Technology Program, one of the few four-year automotive technology programs in the United States. His goal: to eventually own his own auto repair shop.

But she plans to become a minor in education, she says.

“When I’m done on all fours, I can teach! ” she says.


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