Bolt and Fixit45 provide flawless auto maintenance services


By Modupe Gbadeyanka

A collaboration to make access to coach services transparent for VTC drivers for revenue optimization has been concluded between Bolt and Fixit45.

Under this new partnership, Bolt drivers will benefit from quality vehicle repair and maintenance services through subscription plans that minimize potential mobility disruptions.

This subscription-based service plan for drivers on the Bolt platform ensures unfettered access to quality automotive services including car care, vehicle repair and maintenance from Fixit45’s service network at across the country.

Other benefits include access to repair financing, spare parts discounts, unlimited diagnostics, periodic car wash and tire services, according to a company statement.

“At Bolt, our promise to improve our drivers’ experience has been central to our continued success in Nigeria. Our commitment is reflected in our constant efforts to create new pathways that help make our drivers and fleet partners more profitable,” said Bolt Country Manager Mr. Femi Akin-Laguda.

“This partnership will improve our partners’ access to cost-effective automotive care, repair financing and more,” he added.

Mr. Femi Akin-Laguda noted that “we do not select our partners or our partnerships lightly; Working with Fixit45 on this project will help our drivers keep their cars in good condition and save them a lot of time and money in maintaining their vehicles, which will provide better experiences for all of our customers, whether they either drivers or passengers.

Also commenting, the CEO and co-founder of Fixit45, Mr. Justus Obaoye, noted that given the enabling power of mobility as a critical success factor in driving the progress and development of urban and rural economies, it It is imperative that concerted efforts be made to mitigate disruption in this space.

“As a platform that enhances mobility experiences, Fixit45 has collaboration in its DNA. As such, we are delighted to partner with a market leader in ridesharing to oil the wheels of progress.

“This service plan ensures that driver inactivity often caused by operational vehicle downtime is minimized while increased revenue, improved vehicle reliability and speed of service turnaround are some of the benefits that come with this partnership. This partnership with Bolt is poised to keep the lights of the Nigerian economy on,” Mr. Obaoye said.

For his part, the co-founder/CTO of Fixit45, Mr. Abdulazeez Ogunjobi, remarked that “as technology increasingly contributes to the development of mobility, strategic commitments like this will help make life easier and place both companies at the forefront of change. .

“We are driven by our overarching goal of facilitating the exchange of goods and services, thereby enabling the creation of value for all participants and this partnership reinforces our mandate.

“It is heartening to note that we are helping stakeholders see that we are not here to compete but here to facilitate and enable the solution that makes every car owner happy.”


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