Braeden Dillinger crowned vice president of FASTRAK races and champion of the weekly national series of races for the second time


Winning a FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Racing Series Championship is hard enough, but it is almost impossible to do it a second time in a row. But that’s what Braeden Dillinger of Dawson, PA has done this season by supporting his 2020 championship and winning his second FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Racing Series championship.

“Words cannot express the possibility of supporting our 2020 championship with one for 2021. All I can really say is head down, eyes forward, don’t look back and keep digging,” Dillinger commented on his second national title.

Dillinger continued, “First of all, I want to take the time to thank all of our great sponsors, Hodge Transmission, Ed Nicholson and Sons Lumber Co, Maloy’s Paving, VP Race Fuels, Newts York Bar, Bobby Lake Motorsports, Hill’s Tire, Showoffs Hair Style Center, Vanderbilt Recycling, Dunbar Distributing, Murphy’s Auto Wreckers, Knepper’s ATV, Garry’s Auto Sales, Howie Balis Photos, Ingram Engines, Barry Wright Race Cars, MS Shock Therapy, Zamp Racing, The Sign Guy, Penske Racing Shocks, Jones Racing Products , XS POWER, Frankland Racing Supply, Admax Performance Lubricants, Ultra-Lite Brakes, Napa Auto Parts, TruForm Race Products, Wiles Driveshafts, Hi-Line Motorsports, Don Barney, the Prather family and everyone behind the scenes that make sacrifices for our running efforts, my family and friends, Tanner, Ron, Buck, Steve, Eric, Joe, Rob, Larry, Caleb, Davey, Tyler and those I have forgotten. “

Dillinger added: “As a team, we just set out to follow the work ethic that we have followed over the years. Races are won in the garage, making sure the I’s are pointed and the T’s are crossed and don’t be afraid to try something to find more speed Having good people and good companies helping and supporting our running program made it all possible.

Dillinger raced in multiple states during the 2021 season, including Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. His second National Championship came after nine (9) FASTRAK sanctioned wins, one (1) unsanctioned victory and ten (10) second places spread across multiple FASTRAK sanctioned tracks – Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex in Pennsylvania, Tyler County Speedway and Elkins Raceway in West Virginia and Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland.

Donnie Dotson of West Union, WV, Luke Hyre of Rock Cave, WV, Derrick Shaw of Buckhannon, WV, and Lucas McDonald of Goodhope, WV, completed the top 5 points in the FASTRAK VP Racing Fuels National Weekly Racing Series. There were 167 different drivers who scored points during the 2021 domestic points season.



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