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Life insurance gives Branch another line to offer alongside home, auto, renters and umbrella insurance

Columbus, Ohio, October 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fork®a comprehensive insurance company that uses data, technology and automation to make home and auto insurance totally seamless, today announced the launch of a term life insurance product, underwritten by Insurance. This initial transition to term life insurance will enhance Branch’s product offerings coast-to-coast and follows a $147 million Series C investment, which launched Tune into unicorn status.

Term life insurance is another exciting way Branch makes it easier for consumers to bundle all of their insurance needs, maximizing savings and improving the customer experience. Branch launched the first-ever Instant Plan, eliminating the time-consuming and tedious process of buying home and auto insurance through the traditional route. Building on the proven success of bundling with only consumers’ names and addresses, Branch seeks to remove the tedious and overly intrusive purchase process that is common in the life insurance market.

“The branch allows our members to manage more of their insurance plans in one place for one package,” said Brian Brizard, Commercial Director at Branch. “After our members asked for a way to buy life insurance on top of our home and auto products, we worked with Assurity to give them a way to add life, making it easier for them to get a better coverage.”

Since launching in 2019, Branch has been on a mission to make insurance cheaper so more people can be covered. With home and auto insurance now available in 33+ states, Branch believes offering instant decision life insurance will make it even easier to transfer a consumer’s entire insurance account to Branch. By partnering with Assurity life insurance companywhich aims to provide protection that is easy to understand and buy, Branch can now easily offer term life insurance to new and existing members.

“Like Assurity, Branch’s goal is to provide frictionless insurance to enable greater adoption and increase coverage for more people,” said Zachary Kane, Head of Assurance Ventures, Inc at Assurity Life Insurance. “We’re excited to help Branch provide term life insurance to current customers who bundle their home and auto insurance, while continuing to eliminate the hassles that are commonplace with traditional insurance companies.”

To learn more about how members can get a quote for term life insurance by answering a few simple questions before completing their application and receiving an instant decision entirely online, visit

About the branch

Branch is easy-to-buy home and auto insurance designed to save you money. With its revolutionary instant bonding capability, Branch removes all the friction associated with coverage, helping consumers easily bring their home and car together. Branch is a public benefit corporation and operates a reciprocal exchange, an organization in which policyholders are the beneficial owners of insurance premiums. The structure is designed to align incentives and provide members with the most savings possible. Branch also offers its members access to a number of community products, which help members save even more by leveraging the power of their networks.

The branch was launched in 2019 by an insurance veteran Steve Lekas and tech entrepreneur Joe Emisonand has its headquarters at Columbus, Ohio. Branch is underwritten by Branch Insurance Exchange, Everspan Insurance Company and General Security National Insurance Company (GSNIC) and backed by SCOR. To learn more, visit

About Insurance

As a mutual organization, Assurity was founded on the simple concept of people coming together to support each other in times of need. We continue our mission to help people through difficult times by providing affordable insurance protection that is easy to understand and easy to purchase. Our financial stability has stood the test of time. It shows our commitment to being there when our customers need us. Owned by our clients, we conduct our business to serve their best interests only. Whether it’s paying for benefits, providing service with a human touch, giving back to our community, or practicing sustainable habits that preserve our planet, we embrace our ability to improve lives. As a Certified B Company, we know we all share in the future we create, and Assurity believes in using our company as a force for good. To learn more, visit

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