Business owner will be honored with CVB’s most prestigious award


Why did you join CJW?

Marc Thornsberry, senior engineer at CJW, says he joined the company after working in the public sphere. He says CJW had a ton of experience working with the community and bringing clients and clients together.

The importance of tracking your cash flow

Sandra Smart, Technology and Marketing Specialist, shares helpful tips and caveats on the importance of cash flow tracking for new or established businesses. Smart works with tech entrepreneurs and conducts training workshops through the Missouri SBDC at the Missouri State University plant.

Support remote teams

Next Level Solutions COO and CEO Michael Smith and Chris Sawyer discuss how they keep their remote teams and offices in and out of the country on the same page. Next Level Solutions was ranked # 1 in Springfield Business Journal’s Dynamic Dozen 2021.

Your performance is what matters

John Oke-Thomas, architect and co-founder of Minorities in Business, responds to the accusation that minority businesses only succeed because of the priority they have been given to lending. He says if a business uses a loan well, it shows its value.

Find your seed funding

Technology and Commercialization Specialist Sandra Smart shares tips for entrepreneurs ready to seek financing. Some of his advice applies widely; some companies in the target technology industry. Smart works with tech entrepreneurs and startups, and conducts training workshops through the Missouri SBDC at the Missouri State University efactory.

Misconceptions about small towns

Hollie Elliott discusses common misconceptions about locating your business in a small town. She says there are a lot of benefits that people may not consider.

The need to innovate

Drawing on his own experience in the dynamic evolution of his company and business model, Jim Meinsen explains when and how you might need to take advantage of new technology. Jim and Debbie Meinsen are co-owners of TCI Graphics in Springfield.

What matters in architecture

Longtime Springfield architect John Oke-Thomas discusses his philosophy on architecture. He says future historians will focus on the sustainability of our contemporary architecture.

Service and humility

Erin Hedlun, director of marketing and communications at Evangel University, says compassion is an important professional skill. Hedlun says it’s a component of what makes a leader.

Design your business

Rachel Barks, owner of Artistree Pottery, talks about the design behind the company’s aesthetic.


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