By changing their driving habits or buying electric vehicles, people are trying to save as gas prices soar | Local


CHICO, Calif. – Skyrocketing gas prices have drivers looking for ways to get more for their money. A Chico automotive expert recommends a few minor tweaks to save fuel.

From tire pressure to removing the gas pedal, there are several things people can do to increase their gas mileage. Some of them require opening the hood.

“Customers come in and talk about fuel prices,” said Jonathan Chase, owner of Precision Auto Repair. “Most of the time, I recommend that they replace the air filter if it’s dirty, clean the throttle body, and clean the mass airflow sensor.”

A student tells Action News Now that soaring petrol prices have forced him to reconsider his spring break plans.

“I’m going to stay in Chico for spring break just to save money and gas, so that’s what I’m going to do,” said Gavin Gasparotti, a student from Chico State.

Chase says the easiest way to save gas right now is to use cruise control and limit your acceleration.

“I understand that sometimes you have to speed up to pass someone, but I recommend just slowing down for now and just rolling,” Chase said. “That would be the best way to get the best possible fuel economy.”

Chase said most of these changes anyone should be able to make depending on your car.

Other alternatives include public transport or bicycles to get around.

Some Chico car dealerships say they are selling out their new electric cars quickly and customers aren’t seeing a major increase in their electric bills.

“We’ve heard from a few customers telling us about their increased housing costs, but it doesn’t come close to what it costs them for gas for their other vehicles,” said Scott Genna, general manager of the sales of Chico Hyundai. “It’s definitely a huge improvement and with a lot of these new cars that we’re getting now you can go over 300 miles on a single battery charge, so the technology is there.”

Several people tell Action News Now that they want to switch to an electric car, but they are too expensive right now.

“Of course, I have a few in my family, but I can’t afford one, I’m retired,” said Jane Roberts, a resident of Chico who doesn’t drive. electric car.

Genna said rising gas prices were affecting many of his customers and they had seen more of them wanting to go electric.

“With everything going on now, it’s definitely increasing,” Grenna said. “We have a hard time keeping them here. They sell out in about a day or two, and then we wait for the next ones to arrive and find them a good home.

Genna tells Action News Now that new electric cars are hard to come by because they have a long list of people who want one.

AAA says gas prices are now averaging $5.43 in Chico and Paradise, up more than 30 cents from Monday.

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