Can I file an accident claim if my driver’s license has expired?


Many people wonder if an expired driver’s license will prevent them from filing a car accident claim. The reality is that there are certain laws in different states that have legal consequences for an expired driver’s license. This may or may not decrease your chances of getting car accident compensation. Please speak to a Jackson multi-vehicle accident attorney to learn more.

Will an expired driver’s license affect my accident claim?

In the state of Mississippi, there are certain legal consequences of an expired driver’s license. The consequences of a expired driver’s license depend on some factors like license expiration time. The fact that a person is caught driving with an expired driver’s license also makes a difference.

An expiration date of one year or more incurs a $1 fee when renewing the license. Renewal must also be done in person rather than online. Driving license suspension for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will result in higher license renewal fees.

Drivers caught driving with an expired driver’s license could face fines. This often includes car accidents. Someone who was in a car accident while having an expired driver’s license could also face a ticket.

Since traffic tickets add DMV points to driving records, this can affect the amount of compensation offered by the car insurance company. Many car insurance companies review driving records when making decisions about car accident claims. The insurance company may try to make it more difficult to obtain compensation.

Whether an insurance company can deny a claim based solely on an expired driver’s license may depend on several factors. Try contacting an auto accident attorney in Jackson to learn more. An experienced lawyer can help you understand all the legal possibilities and options.

How to renew your driver’s license

Know how renew a driving license is useful to avoid legal challenges in the future. In Mississippi, a driver’s license can be renewed online, by mail, or in person. To do this, you will be asked for certain information and documents such as your social security number and your driver’s license number.

Proof of address and ID may also be required. Residency can be proven by a billing statement or bank statement. Identity can be proven with a birth certificate or passport. College students can provide their student card.

These steps may vary depending on how long the driver’s license has expired or if the license has been suspended. Driver’s license suspension requires reinstatement of driving privileges in the state of Mississippi. Talk to a lawyer if you have questions.

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