Car and parts shortage impacting Greensboro stores


Due to a shortage of microchips and the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to buy a car. Repairing your car may also take longer.

GREENSBORO, NC – There is a shortage of new cars and parts nationwide, causing the value of used cars to rise. The shortage is not because the country is running out of parts to repair used cars and build new ones, it just takes longer to build and ship them.

If you’ve recently tried to buy a car, the price may be a little higher than you thought it would be.

“The biggest difficulty we face in the current climate, used cars are obviously at an all time high, so we just want to focus on the specific car for that specific customer,” Michael Worthy, a sales representative at Nora Auto Sales. in Greensboro said.

Worthy said, “I notice it’s a plethora of what’s going on geopolitically with the microchip shortage in the world. We have used vehicles at an all time high. Newer cars, older vehicles. recent with the shortage of electronic chips, so they are manufactured with fewer options, so our new dealership has to focus again on their used stock and thus maximize their profits. ”

So what does this mean for people who want to buy cars?

Worthy broke it for us. He said the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented car repossession for more than a year. This is important because the used car market is fueled by trade-in and trade-in cars.

The shortage of microchips is also a problem, which means that fewer cars are produced.

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But auto dealers are not the only ones affected by this shortage.

“There are some slight delays. Things that I could normally get today could be tomorrow, ”explained Will Helms of Webster’s Import Auto Repair in Greensboro.

Helms said that in addition to the delays, there were also price increases, claiming that tire prices in particular had increased.

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Helms said they ask customers to call ahead so they can order the parts needed for the repair and make sure they have them.


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