car break-ins in Milwaukee; window repair shop busy, says owner


Repairing the windows of dozens of vehicles after burglaries becomes a typical Saturday for a Milwaukee window repair shop.

Whether parked on the street or in a secure parking lot, your car could be a target. A number of city residents are struggling with car break-in damage.

“Not really surprised because it happens to everyone, but it’s like: Why, why are you doing this? You didn’t get anything,” Olumide Awosika said.

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When Awosika got into his new Jeep, parked near Water and State streets on Friday night, he realized someone had broken in. He had not one, but three windows repaired at Safe Auto Group.

“The minute COVID hit, crime increased so much,” said Tom Almaghrabi, owner of Safe Auto Group.

Car serviced at Safe Auto Glass in Milwaukee

Awosika is far from the only victim. Almaghrabi estimates his company was working on 28 vehicles damaged in a break-in on Saturday, January 29.

“It’s good for business, but I feel bad for them,” Almaghrabi said. “I always try to help them, take care of the customer, we’ll vacuum the glass for them, we’ll wash the car for them.

“What happened yesterday is on State (Street). Today it’s Summit (Avenue) and Marshall (Street), so basically it’s going from area to area to area.”

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Almaghrabi said burglaries have also occurred in secure grounds.

“Yes, there’s a gate, but there’s no one there, security, to watch them – no one to see them. It takes one person to crush 20 cars, it takes maybe 20 minutes,” did he declare.

Facing such numbers is enough to make drivers reconsider where they park.

Emails to residents of a downtown Milwaukee apartment complex said three people entered a garage by squeezing through a small gap between the door and the building – breaking into several vehicles.

Almaghrabi’s best advice is to keep your car empty. If something like a break-in happens, report it to the police.


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