Car burglary: what insurance covers or not


Damage to your vehicle and items stolen from your vehicle are covered by two different types of insurance.

GREENSBORO, NC – Broken glass was all over a Greensboro apartment complex this week. The thieves broke into at least 10 cars. They smashed the windows of four cars, the other six cars were left unlocked.

This kind of thing happens in every city. So the question is, if this happens to you, does insurance cover it?

“As far as auto theft, the reminder is that only liability is required by our state, so if you don’t purchase full coverage, you wouldn’t have vandalism or theft insurance coverage. of the vehicle,” said Christopher Cook of Alliance Insurance Services.

Comprehensive auto coverage covers damage to the vehicle that is not related to an accident and covers theft if your car is stolen. But auto insurance does not cover items stolen from inside the auto.

To be insured for items in your car, our home or renter’s insurance policy covers this. But what do you need to do to prove you own what was stolen?

“As for what you need to do to prove it, you’ll most likely need to have some sort of receipt, especially if it’s out of the ordinary. For example, if Tanya says I had three Coach handbags in my car, I’m going to have to see a little recording of that. Photographs would be just as good as receipts,” Cook said.

Home inventories can help with this. Just take your phone and video all over the house, open the closets and focus on appliances and electronics. If you have an expensive collection of handbags, sneakers, or artwork, make sure you have them on video. Email the video to yourself and send it to your insurance agent if you need it.

And as with any insurance, you will have to pay the deductible. Sometimes the deductible exceeds the repairs or the item itself.


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