Car insurance reimbursement: how to get car insurance reimbursed?


In in the event that you decide to voluntarily cancel your car insurance policyyou should be entitled to reimbursement, depending on the contract you have signed with the insurer.

The amount you will receive usually depends on how long you have been insured.

However, some insurance companies in UNITED STATES have fixed certain fees to be paid in the event of early cancellation.

For instance, most auto insurers allow you to cancel your premium within two weeks of taking out the policy without being charged.

How much money can you get from auto insurance reimbursement?

Most policies cover half a year of insurance. In this case, you should expect to receive most of the amount you paid.

If you cancel insurance for which you paid $300 after 30 days, you should receive approximately $250.

To cancel your policy, all you may need to do is send the insurer a written notice or a short statement clearly indicating that you have canceled your insurance.

Before terminating your cover, just make sure that you have already taken out new insurance to avoid not being covered in the meantime.

What happens if the insurer cancels an automobile insurance policy?

This is a different case, as insurers mainly terminate policies in the event that their client has somehow violated the terms of the contract.

In the event that the driver is charged with driving under the influence or receives numerous tickets, a company could end the agreement between the two parties after sending a notice to the customer.

It should be noted that, in this case, the company will not be able to reimburse the customer who broke the contract.

Your premium may specifically state that you are not entitled to a refund in the event the company cancels the policy.

This means that you should read the fine print carefully before putting your pet on paper on a contract with an insurer.


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