Car theft turned motorhome fire leaves auto sales struggling | New


SPOKANE, Wash. – Days after an RV exploded in their parking lot, Ronnie Marks and his son, Hank, are picking up the pieces.

“They could have just killed someone,” Ronnie Marks said.

“The explosion was an explosion I had never heard before. It shook the building,” he said.

The pair own Daily Drivers Auto Sales off Freya and wonder what really happened on Monday afternoon.

“We’re starting to think there’s a malfunction in the motorhome,” he said. “Tuesday morning unfolded a whole new story for us.”

On Tuesday morning, the men found something interesting while checking security footage.

“Tuesday morning we usually go to check all of our vehicles and check what we have. We were missing a 1996 Ford pickup truck extra hood diesel 4WD,” Marks said.

Ronnie says three men were seen moving things into a truck.

According to Marks, the footage also shows the men stealing the truck and driving it over a fence in the distance.

“They stole the truck and then tampered with the motorhome. They must be the same people,” he said.

Despite limited views with the security camera, Ronnie said he believed the propane tanks had been stolen and could have tipped over, leading to an explosion on their property.

“There will be cameras from now on, there will be cameras everywhere, we are setting this up today,” Marks said.

The parking lot is closed until Friday as the Marks family prepares to reopen. The extent of the damage might not be huge for one company, but considerable for this batch of small cars.

“We’re lucky if we’re carrying 15 to 17 cars,” he said.

“About $45,000,” Marks said.

With thousands already lost, this small business just wants their truck back.

If you see a 1996 Ford pickup with license plate B08385R, call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.


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