CARS Leadership Insights: Greg Waring


CARS reached out to leaders and executives in the auto repair industry and asked what they thought of the business outlook for workshops over the coming year, what is the biggest challenge for the industry and what they see as the best opportunity in 2022. We’ll be presenting their answers in alphabetical order over the next few weeks…

You can check out the full feature in our February 2022 issue.

Greg Waring, Vice President, Marketing | Kal Tire

We believe the same major automotive trends we’ve seen over the past few years will not only continue, but accelerate into 2022. Notably, vehicle shortages will further extend the age of existing vehicles on the road, which bodes well for the aftermarket repair industry. .

Additionally, skilled labor shortages caused by COVID will require increased investment in technology and automation to survive and thrive in the future. These investments will also be necessary to meet increased levels of technology in new vehicles, including the rapidly growing electric vehicle segment. Finally, customers continue to demand online shopping solutions from our industry. Whether it takes the form of online appointment booking, thought leadership content, or fully transactional e-commerce, we believe that meaningful online customer engagement will be an essential part of any customer experience. solid in 2022 and beyond.

It looks like 2022 will be another year of ongoing supply chain challenges. The ability to supply customers with the tires, wheels and mechanical parts they need today is more difficult than anyone in our company can remember.

There are many signs that the electric vehicle market is poised for explosive growth in the coming years. This growth will be spurred by several factors, including rising gas prices, government subsidies and growing public concern over MCI emissions.

Now is the time to invest in technology, equipment and skills development to seize this opportunity.


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