CARS Leadership Insights: Shiva Bhadwaj


CARS reached out to leaders and executives in the auto repair industry and asked what they thought of the business outlook for workshops over the coming year, what is the biggest challenge for the industry and what they see as the best opportunity in 2022. We’ll be presenting their answers in alphabetical order over the next few weeks…

You can check out the full feature in our February 2022 issue.

Shiva Bhardwaj, Founder, CEO, Pitstop

Three major changes are impacting stores. First, vehicle supply has been delayed, so used vehicles are more important (which is good for service businesses). Second, this supply constraint gives equipment manufacturers more time to increase their electricity production. When vehicle supply volumes return to normal, there will be many more electric vehicle options for consumers. And third, stores are not ready for electric vehicles. Most dealerships aren’t ready either.

The world of computers, sensors and especially software will dominate vehicle maintenance, presenting challenges to the auto repair industry. There is still not enough enforced legislation around the right to repair where the tools and information on how to repair ADAS systems as well as electric vehicles are available at affordable prices. Stay tuned for these changes, because the sooner you have access to these tools and equipment, the better prepared you will be for the changes.

Take advantage of fleet vehicles that cover more miles than ever before. The used car market is hot, which, until supply chain issues are resolved, will likely remain the case for most of 2022.


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