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SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. – August 2, 2022 – (

Premiere Services, a leading national provider with more than 30 years of expertise in mobile audio and infotainment system replacement, and on-site wheel and tire replacement for theft and vandalism claims, has created Cat-Converter Express, the insurance industry’s first dedicated service. , a premium national program for the repair and replacement of catalytic converters in the event of theft.

With catalytic converter thefts up 33% year-over-year in 2022, the insurance industry has been inundated with claims from individuals and commercial fleet operators.

“Catalytic converter thefts are an increasingly common story in the news these days. And while a thief can remove a catalytic converter and be gone in just over a minute, for the insurer, it This is a spurious claim that can take hours over days or even weeks to resolve,” says Mark Puente, CEO of Premiere Services. “Our Cat-Converter Express program eliminates the hassle and takes these claims out of the offices of experts busy coordinating and streamlining the whole process for them.”

From claim submission to claim closure, Cat-Converter Express provides a fully managed resource that includes towing, estimating, quality control, repair and delivery. In addition, the specific focus of the program has improved the efficiency of processing claims relating to catalytic converters.

Premiere Services maintains a 5-day cycle time versus an industry average of 18 days, saving insurers on claims costs and contributing to insured satisfaction. Even with supply chain issues affecting cycle times in the automotive repair industry, Premiere Services was able to repair over 98% of all vehicles they handled through Cat-Converter Express through their nationwide network of catalytic converter replacement facilities.

“We have handled thousands and thousands of these claims since we launched Cat-Converter Express in August 2021. No other insurance service provider in America understands or can so effectively execute a stolen catalytic converter claim. than Premiere Services,” says Chris Sestito. , COO of Premiere Services. “Our top priority and our promise is to get the customer back on the road safely and quickly.”

Every detail of Cat-Converter Express has been explicitly designed around ease of use. There are no setup fees, additional costs or IT integration required. Premiere Services and Cat-Converter Express link directly to all major estimating programs, including CCCOneâ and Mitchell Connect, for one-click dispatch simplicity. Claims handlers can also use Premiere Services’ secure online quick claim portal available at, submit a claim by email to claims@premiereservices .com or speak directly with a US-based Premiere. Service agent by calling 800-479-9945.

About Premiere Services

Premiere Services has exclusively served the insurance claims industry for 30 years and is a national leader in theft and vandalism insurance claims for catalytic converters, mobile aftermarket audio, wheels and on-site tires and infotainment systems. The business started when founder and CEO Mark Puente suffered a loss through theft and, after going through the arduous claims process, he felt that “there had to be a better way”. This has been the guiding principle of the company since 1991.

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