CBS13’s longtime weather anchor says goodbye after 25 years – CBS Sacramento


SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – We say ‘thank you’ to one of our longtime colleagues. Weather host Dave Bender just celebrated his 25th birthday here at CBS13, and now he’s taking a break to enjoy the holidays before finding out what his next chapter has in store for him.

From storm cover to everyday weather, Dave has spent a quarter of a century telling you what it would look like outside.

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Dave also introduced you to his favorite ways to save money on “Save With Dave”.

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Every holiday season, he showcased the most amazing light shows at the “12 Daves of Christmas” and he ended the 11pm news every night with his signature sense of humor.

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Now Dave has one final message for you:

“Wow! Where has the time gone? Twenty-five years at CBS13 as a blink of an eye. But I want to thank CBS13 for giving me the opportunity to present the weather to you every day for the past 25 years. It was a blast.

“Plus, I just want to say thank you, first of all, to all viewers. My career couldn’t have been this great if I hadn’t had awesome viewers like you listening every day. Thank you also to all the meteorologists. Some of these people have been around CBS13 longer than I have been, so thank you for contributing to my weather report every day. And of course we can’t forget all the people with all the Christmas lights, the staff of the 12 Christmas Daves, the people, my friends. Thank you so much for making this part of my trip amazing as well, and of course to all the anchors that I have been with on the anchor desk that made my time on this anchor desk truly amazing.

“So don’t call it retirement. Maybe call it a battery recharge. You never know where I can end up again. Thank you, CBS13, for these wonderful 25 years.


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