Chery Holding to Build Auto Parts Industrial Base in Wuhu, Anhui Province


Beijing (Gasgoo)- On August 22, Chery Holding’s subsidiary, Wuhu Chery Technology Co., Ltd. (Chery Technology), signed a cooperation agreement to establish a joint venture for automotive intelligent electronics in Wuhu, Anhui Province.

Photo credit: Chery Holding

Under the agreement, Chery Technology and Anhui Shengna Technology will set up a joint venture with an initial investment of 1 billion yuan ($146.23 million) to build an intelligent electronics industrial base in Wanzhi District, Wuhu. . The facility is expected to begin production by the end of June 2023.

The base will house a digitalized smart factory, an automatic and efficient finished product warehouse, a modern simulation and test center, etc. and other products.

Additionally, a digital model factory is expected to emerge on the base in five years, completing the iteration from an auto parts manufacturer to a full systems integration service provider. Once the base is running at full capacity, it is expected to reach a total production capacity of 2.1 million sets of auto parts per year, with a production value of 10 billion yuan ($1.46 billion). per year.


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