City of Toledo | Toledo received $22,827,870 in Brownfield grants


Today, Governor DeWine announced brownfield development grants from the Ohio Department of Development across the state of Ohio. The city of Toledo and the county of Lucas were successfully selected for nine projects. They are listed below.

The Ohio Brownfields Remediation Program is a new program launched by the Ohio Department of Development in late 2021. The Ohio Legislature and Governor DeWine have allocated $500 million in funding for the remediation and demolition of brownfields in the state budget.

Only local government units (ie cities and counties) could directly apply for funding. The City of Toledo recognized this opportunity early on and worked diligently with partners to ensure critical funding would be available in our area.

The City of Toledo received one Contaminated Sites Assessment Grant and seven Contaminated Sites Cleanup Grants. The total prize money in Lucas County is $22,827,870, including the previously announced $1 million for Project Spitzer. This will leverage a total of $41,209,180 in environmental remediation and demolition.

“The grants received today will be a tremendous boost for projects under development,” said Mayor Kapszukiewicz. “These previously contested locations can once again be put to productive use, an exciting prospect for all of us.”

“We are grateful to the State of Ohio for restoring a proactive source of funding for brownfield redevelopment,” said Brandon Sehlhorst, Director of Economic Development. “As a 189-year-old post-industrial city, many of our sites are faced with functionally outdated buildings and environmental remediation measures that create a high barrier for redevelopment. Without Ohio’s Brownfields Remediation Program, several high profile economic development projects would not proceed as quickly, including the Four Corners, North Towne and Westgate projects.

Awarded projects:

Zoological Society of Toledo (Lucas)

Project name: Toledo Zoo Parking Project


This 23-acre site has a long history of industrial use, dating back to 1888. Earlier remediation activities have been attempted, but environmental concerns remain. The site will be redeveloped into an asphalt parking lot, which will prevent any direct contact with oil and any other dangerous substance. Management of contaminated soil and/or groundwater will be completed, if necessary. The redevelopment is part of a larger initiative to redesign the entrance to the Toledo Zoo and expand exhibit space.

Westgate Village Retail LLC (Lucas)

Project name: 3408 Central Avenue West


This property is the location of a former Sears department store and auto repair shop. Both buildings have been vacant for several years and will be demolished after asbestos removal and soil and groundwater remediation. After the cleanup, the site will be redeveloped into a mixed-use project.

Lucas County Land Reuse Corporation (Lucas)

Project Name: Elm Warehouse Redevelopment


Built in 1926, the Elm Warehouse in North Toledo is a six-story, 99,000 square foot commercial warehouse. The property has been vacant since the early 2000s and is in deteriorated condition. Remediation activities include asbestos removal, which will allow the property to be demolished safely. After demolition, the site will be prepared for redevelopment.

Lucas County Land Reuse Corporation (Lucas)

Project name: Nicholas Building Redevelopment


Originally built in 1904, the Nicholas Building was one of Ohio’s first skyscrapers. The building was used primarily for commercial offices, most recently as the headquarters of Fifth Third Bank Toledo. The building was closed in 2010 and has been unoccupied since. Asbestos throughout the building will be removed, allowing for redevelopment. The building will be redeveloped into residential apartments at market price with commercial spaces on the first and second floors.

Lucas County (Lucas)

Project name: Asbestos removal at 3210 Monroe


This building is the former site of the Lucas County Department of Employment and Family Services, which vacated the property in 2021. Restoration activities include asbestos abatement prior to demolition. After the cleanup, the property will become the new site of the Lucas County Facilities Operations Department.

Lucas County (Lucas)

Project Name: South Avenue and Kuhlman Drive Landfill Area Assessment


This 21-acre property was primarily used for landfill operations between 1950 and 1957. The property remains vacant and unimproved. Due to its use as a former storage facility, the site must be assessed prior to any redevelopment. After assessment and necessary remediation, the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District plans to develop the site into a residential curbside recycling processing facility.

Toledo Innovation Center Owner LLC (Lucas)

Project name: Toledo Innovation Center Brownfield Remediation


Built in 1911, this historic building was the central post office of Toledo. The Postal Service sold the property to Toledo Public Schools, which operated there until the early 1990s, and it has been vacant ever since. Remediation activities include the removal of asbestos-containing materials prior to renovation. After the cleanup, the site will be redeveloped into the Toledo Innovation Center, a training center for cutting-edge innovation technologies for local entrepreneurs and apprentices.

NorthPoint Development (Lucas)

Project name: Toledo Trade Center


This long-abandoned property is one of the largest industrial wastelands in the Toledo region. Several operations existed on the property, including a mobile home park, commercial/municipal airfield, and most recently the former North Towne Square Mall. The mall ceased operations in 2003, and buildings on the property were demolished in 2013 and 2014. Site remediation includes water, sewer, stormwater, and treatment of arsenic-contaminated groundwater . After the cleanup, the site will be redeveloped by NorthPoint Development for two state-of-the-art industrial buildings.


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