Common Winter Vehicle Problems and How to Prevent Them


BELPRE, Ohio. (WTAP) – The days are getting colder and snow is on the way. It’s a perfect recipe for car trouble. WTAP spoke with a local mechanic about how you can prep your car.

Tony Alicia of Cornerstone Auto Service says the three most common winter car problems he sees involve the battery, tires and cooling system. These problems tend to stem from lack of maintenance. Tires can get slippery on snow, the cooling system can freeze, and batteries can make it hard to start your car on cold mornings.

Alicia suggests rotating your tires every 15,000 to 20,000 miles, checking your cooling system every three to four years or about 45,000 miles, and having your battery tested.

Having an emergency kit also helps.

“Have a blanket, have some food you can get in a little kit in the back of the trunk for your vehicle, you know for safety in case you get stuck, flashlight is essential to have, bag jumper if you can get one, and jumper wires in case, you know, in case your battery fails or in case you need to help someone in need…” said Alicia.

Another useful tool to add to this kit is a battery-powered radio. You can also have a winter inspection done at a repair shop.

Other precautions Alicia suggested are listed below…

  • Check that the windshield wipers work well
  • Use de-icer washer fluid
  • Check tire pressure
  • Have the vehicle checked for basic wear
  • Make sure the heater and defroster are working properly
  • Check the brakes

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