Cornerstone United Guarantee: Reviews and Coverage (2022)


Between its signature programs and bespoke offerings, CornerStone United ensures there is a cover option for everyone. CornerStone’s service contract programs include both standard and extended warranty coverage. Each program can also be set at different deductibles and conditions. We’ve rounded up all of the coverage options available below:

CornerStone’s auto coverage alone includes six different plans, which range from standard coverage to extended auto warranties. The company further promises to cover vehicles that many others don’t, such as high-mileage, highline, or custom automobiles.

This plan is a standard service contract available in four different tiers, namely Powertrain, Basic, Select, and Ultimate coverage. It also comes with five franchise options to fit any budget.

Xtended Auto is comprehensive coverage for used vehicles, regardless of age or accumulated mileage. This plan is also ideal for those who want to protect their electric vehicles, utility vehicles, and vehicles with suspension or performance modifications.

Xtended Auto comes with different levels of protection, such as standard engine and transmission to other specific components (i.e. electrical, brake, drive axle, cooling).

Additional levels include Powertrain Plus (engine and transmission, drive axle, cooling and fuel supply), Advantage (addition of steering and suspension) and Supreme (addition of AC compressor, electrical, gaskets and seals, brakes and engine cover). first day) .

This is a service contract program specifically for high mileage vehicles. You can select your own coverage options, from basic engine and transmission to more comprehensive components. The plan can also be customized based on liability limits and waiting periods to keep premiums within budget.

A very versatile plan, CornerStone’s Limited Warranties are best used to provide original factory warranty coverage, extend an original factory warranty, or provide warranty coverage on used vehicles.

This plan includes three levels of coverage, including tire protection only, tire and wheel protection, and tire and wheel extension with cosmetic repairs. Tire and wheel coverage is available for new and used cars. Terms are up to five years, with no loss limits and no deductibles.

GAP is available to cover all cases of vehicle theft or irreparable damage, especially if you still have a balance on the loan. Many plans only pay the market value of the vehicle at the time of loss (minus the deductible), requiring you to pay the amount remaining on the loan. GAP is available for 125% and 150% of the MSRP or NADA price.

Tip: Your car insurance provider may also offer GAP insurance.

CornerStone also offers several coverage options for many other types of vehicles:

  • VR: From pop-up motorhomes to million-dollar motorhomes, coverage includes extended RV service contracts and RV tire and wheel coverage for up to 15 model years and 100,000 miles.
  • Motorsports: As an administrator of manufacturer programs Arctic Cat, Suzuki, and KYMCO, CornerStone provides mechanical repair service contracts, GAP programs, and tire and wheel coverage for powersports vehicles.
  • Marine: For personal watercraft, CornerStone has mechanical repair service contracts for new and used boats running on gasoline or diesel. Coverage may be engine only, with the option to include accessory packages, such as ski boat, sport fishing, cruiser, etc.
  • prefab housing: CornerStone is also a leading provider of manufactured home service contracts, protecting the home’s structure, systems and appliances.

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