County Board Approves Vehicle Sales at Tysons Corner Center


Automakers at the Tysons Corner Center can now let customers buy a car on the spot and drive away.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to grant the mall’s request that vehicle sales be a permitted use in its parking garages after a public hearing on Tuesday (December 7).

Under the approved plan, Tysons Corner Center can allocate 30 parking spaces each to up to eight different vehicle manufacturers for vehicle storage and sale. The designated spaces will represent 240 of the approximately 11,000 spaces available at the mall.

Tenants are prohibited from using the spaces to provide vehicle services, and the mall is committed to limiting loading activities outside of its opening hours, so that they do not disrupt traffic. clients, Tracy Strunk, director of the Fairfax County zoning assessment division, told the board.

Tysons Corner Center may use yellow parking lots to store vehicles for sale (via Fairfax County)

“No exterior signage will be allowed. This is one of the conditions for development, ”said Brian Clifford, a land use planner at DLA Piper who represented Tysons Corner Center at the hearing. “At the moment we only have two [tenants], but we asked for eight in total just for the sake of flexibility, and nothing could stop another manufacturer from coming.

The mall’s two current automakers are Tesla, which also has a store on Tyco Road, and Lucid Motors, which opened a showroom on November 6.

According to Tysons Corner Center’s rezoning request, Tesla was allowed to have six designated parking spaces, including two electric chargers, to store vehicles when the county authorized its showroom in 2012, but customers were unable to carry out parking. ‘purchases directly in showrooms.

Instead, customers order a vehicle, make a deposit, and have the car delivered at a later date, according to Clifford.

He says allowing on-site vehicle sales will put Tysons Corner Center “at the forefront of the vehicle sales industry”, allowing showrooms to offer standard auto dealership service but in a similar environment. to that of the other retail stores in the mall.

The Fairfax County Planning Commission recommended on Nov. 17 that supervisors approve the mall’s application, a move also supported by county staff.

Lucid Motors is also considering opening a store and service center at Tysons Galleria. This proposal received the approval of the planning committee on October 20 and was subsequently approved by the supervisory board on November 9.

Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik said she believes adding auto sales to the Tysons Corner Center will add to the mall’s vitality.

“I was fortunate enough to spend the opening day of the Lucid location recently – a very enthusiastic audience, very well exposed,” said Palchik. “I look forward to seeing more EV sales in our county, especially Tysons.”


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