Court documents: Coliseum Inn shooting was linked to cheating allegations


On Saturday, the victim met his alleged shooter at a liquor store and the two agreed to go out that evening to the Coliseum Inn.

The two started arguing about a woman inside the motel room. The victim insisted the shooter slept with his wife years ago and he refused to drop the case, according to newly released Allen Superior Court documents. Hector Fernando Lopez-Martinez, 31, of undetermined address, fired his 9mm pistol into the mattress.

After further charges, Lopez-Martinez drew his gun and shot a man named Isai, according to court documents.

On Monday, Lopez-Martinez was charged with counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault where the defendant knowingly inflicted injuries creating a substantial risk of death, carrying an unlicensed handgun and two counts of criminal recklessness.

He was being held in the Allen County Jail instead of $115,000, court documents show.

Isai, whose last name has not been given, was shot at least once in the head, according to court documents.

Police responded to the Coliseum Inn, located at 1020 N. Coliseum Blvd., around 12:40 p.m. Saturday after reporting a man was “covered in blood.” Isai’s brothers had witnessed the shooting and identified the shooter as their brother-in-law.

That brother-in-law, they said in court documents, was Lopez-Martinez.

Lopez-Martinez left the motel in a gray Nissan Frontier. In motel surveillance video, it shows him leaving the hotel room shortly after the shooting, carrying a gun and getting into a gray Nissan pickup truck. When the suspect vehicle was played over police radio, officers learned he may have lived on Pittsburgh Street, according to court documents.

Fort Wayne Officer Anthony Krock noticed the gray van in a parking lot of a closed auto repair lot at the intersection of Wayne Trace and South Anthony Boulevard. While doing so, a white Chevrolet Camaro left the same lot.

The truck’s headlights were still on, according to the probable cause affidavit written by Detective Matthew Cline. Krock waited for reinforcements and then carried out a traffic stop on the Camaro. Lopez-Martinez was in the passenger seat and his girlfriend was driving.

The girlfriend said she was sleeping when Lopez-Martinez entered her residence and woke her up.

“We have to go,” he told her in court documents. “Things went wrong.”

She drove the Camaro, following him as he drove his truck to the lot where he left it, according to court documents.

Isai’s brothers met Cline and said they were in the Coliseum Inn room when Lopez-Martinez and Isai started arguing. During the argument, Lopez-Martinez produced a semi-automatic handgun, firing several shots into a bed where he was sitting.

One brother was so scared that he left the room and walked down the street. He received a phone call from the other brother about 10 to 15 minutes later to say that Lopez-Martinez had shot Isai.

By the time he returned to the hotel room, the police were already there.

One of the brothers said that after the argument lasted several minutes, Isai tried to get the gun from Lopez-Martinez. Lopez-Martinez pushed Isai away and then, while standing several feet away, pulled the handgun from his belt, pointed it, and shot Isai multiple times.

The girlfriend was again interviewed. She said she wanted Lopez-Martinez to come home, but he said he was at the hotel with his brothers. When he got home, he had blood on his hands and clothes. He looked like he was crying, according to court documents.

Lopez-Martinez said in a recorded police interview that Isai was recently released from prison because he shot her about two years ago. Lopez-Martinez admitted to firing a few bullets from the driver’s seat that night.

When the victim “put himself in the face”, he drew his gun and shot the victim.

Crime scene technician Al Garriott located six 9mm casings in the mattress.


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