Crashed Corvette C8 Has Ugly Smile, Do You Know Any Good Dentists?

The C8 generation of the Chevrolet Corvette was in the spotlight long before it was officially announced, almost three years ago (my, how quickly time flies!), And for good reason. It has a head-turning design that makes those who know nothing about cars think of full-fledged foreign-born exotics and a mid-engined setup for the first time.

A true blue-collar supercar, it is surprisingly affordable. It starts at just $ 60,900, excluding destination fees, extras, and options, although finding a base model at dealerships is easier said than done. As a result, most people end up paying more for better-equipped versions or turning to the used car market.

There is a third alternative to the experience of owning the Corvette C8, although we would not recommend it to anyone new to cars. This includes more than changing oil, filters, and brake pads, so owning an auto repair shop is probably a must. Still haven’t figured out what we’re talking about? Well, that involves examples that have seen better days, like this 2021 Stingray 2LT.

You certainly don’t have to be a connoisseur to say that it was significantly bruised in an accident that left its mark on the entire front end because a huge part of it is missing. It has additional damage on the driver’s side and an airbag deployed in the cockpit, which suggests that no one was driving a shotgun when the accident occurred; either that or they weren’t wearing seat belts.

Due to the extreme force of the impact, the frame was permanently affected. A left front wheel is also missing, so expect further damage that is not visible in the photos released by Copart. The car is located in Columbia, SC, and will go under the hammer as part of an upcoming batch. So, would you dare to embark on such a big project if you had the time and the resources?


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