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Northumberland County, Pennsylvania – A 40-year-old man repeatedly shouted threats at an employee in front of witnesses at a local auto sales business.

At least four people watched Mark Anthony Swinehart say to an employee, “I’m going to kill you,” loud enough to draw attention. The Trevoton man said, “I’m going to run you over with my car” and “I’m going to burn this place down”, as he continued, police said.

Private Ryan Murray responded to the situation Nov. 5 and spoke with the four witnesses near State Route 225 near Little Mahoney Township.

“A witness described seeing Swinehart pinning the victim to the vehicle,” Murray said.

Swinehart was charged with first degree terrorism threats, common assault and harassment during a preliminary arraignment with Judge Michael Toomey. Swinehart is scheduled to appear before Toomey on December 27 for a preliminary hearing.

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