Difficult conditions Oulton Broad Lowestoft motorboat race


21:20 August 17, 2022

Last Thursday evening’s event, sponsored by Wigg Auto Services, fell victim to “engine gremlins” early on as two of the three catamarans signed in Formula 2 were unable to compete.

That unfortunately left 19 Leon Wigg to perform exhibition laps for spectators.

Another of the club’s high-speed riders, 9 Wayne Turner, also suffered difficulties which prevented him from racing in the first heat and although he was able to participate in the second heat, he did not appear in the third.

Again the water conditions caused difficulties, particularly at the Wherry bend, with several boats ‘hooking up’ in the waves with the occasional close encounter.

Early in the proceedings, the club’s youngest driver, 21-year-old Riley Hudson, experienced these conditions, his boat hitting the water producing a huge cloud of spray, only to see him maintain full control, moving in safely around the buoy with all the capabilities of a fully experienced driver. , not a newbie.

14 Mason Jessup looks for the inside line to pass 21 Riley Hudson.
– Credit: John Soanes

The GT15 field was down with just three competitors, but that seemed to spur these junior drivers into competition for the St John Ambulance Cup.

21 Riley Hudson took second place in all three runs and overall, with 11 Abbie Haylock and 14 Mason Jessop taking first and third place over three runs with Abbie lifting the trophy.

11 Abbie Haylock takes on 21 Riley Hudson's challenge

11 Abbie Haylock takes on the challenge of 21 Riley Hudson.
– Credit: John Soanes

With the GT30s racing through choppy waters, the 87 Gracie-Mae Sampson boat looked much improved in terms of performance as she took first place in heat three, finished third overall and was voted Driver of the Day. .

34 Paul Penfold received the GT30 Trophy with 21 Brad Leeson second.

Eleven hydroplanes raced for the Bob Hammond Cup, in memory of a sorely missed member of the club and an ardent powerboat photographer who had regularly provided images for these reports.

He would certainly have appreciated the wide range of boats as well as the excellent performances.

Jamie Grieve’s return to the T1 practice boat saw another pilot from the past return to this addictive class, completing all three legs safely and competently.

Bob Hammond 13 Trophy winner Danny Watson

Bob Hammond 13 Trophy winner Danny Watson.
– Credit: Fred Emeny

Three very successful runs saw 13 Danny Watson win the trophy with an excellent second for 14 Jason Peak and a well-contested third for 37 James Bowman.


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