Drivers in the Columbia, SC area can order parts for their vehicles with no hassle


Drivers can order parts for their vehicles from a dealership in Columbia, SC from the comfort of their own home.

People looking to get parts for their vehicles can do so at Bluff Road Auto Sales, an auto dealership in Columbia, SC. Drivers can visit the dealer’s website to order parts online by filling out a simple form. They must provide information about their vehicle and the parts they are looking for. Once buyers submit the form, the dealership team will contact them through their preferred mode of communication.

Drivers who aren’t comfortable with repairs can even take their vehicle to the dealership for parts installation. Bluff Road Auto Sales has a team of trained experts in their service department to take the best possible care of a vehicle. In addition to parts installation, customers can also enjoy several automotive services and repairs at the dealership’s service center.

Those interested in having their vehicle serviced or repaired can schedule an appointment through the dealership’s website. Customers may contact Bluff Road Auto Sales for all other inquiries by calling 833-939-1513. They can also visit the dealership at 1400 Bluff Road in Columbia, SC from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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