Elon Musk confirms: Tesla workers get health insurance, stocks, and get paid more than union auto workers


In an interview with CNBC Andrew Sorkin last week General Motors CEO Mary Barra shared some interesting alternative facts about Tesla and how much Tesla pays its employees. To be fair, he’s been asked some tough questions and Tesla is not his company. However, his claim that, according to his last look, “it wasn’t,” was said in reference to Tesla employees earning more than GM employees. She also hinted that Tesla employees weren’t getting benefits such as health insurance with this answer – however, it’s hard to be completely sure what she was responding to. Elon Musk quickly debunked this in a response to a tweet from Sawyer Merritt.

Sorkin asked Barra: “It appears from my calculations that on average Tesla employees, who are not unionized, seem to make more money on an hourly basis than unionized workers, for example at GM. “

Barra replied, “I would have to see the news because it’s not just about the hourly wage. These are the benefits, health care, it’s pretty robust. My last look at this – it wasn’t. But again, there is no perfectly transparent information, but what I would say is I am incredibly proud of our workforce, our representative workforce works hand in hand. hand with the UAW.

Sorkin asked Barra if she appreciated the fact that it puts the other automaker at a disadvantage for consumers to get subsidies when they buy from the unionized workforce. While he didn’t specifically name Tesla, the fact that he said automaker and not automakers (plural), and also that they were just talking about Tesla a moment ago, makes it clear that this was of a reference to Tesla. Barra replied:

“I think – again, everyone has an opportunity to do it. I mean, people took different positions. What I can say is that we believe that by working together with the UAW we have made great strides in safety, quality and training. I mean, if you think of one of the other things that’s got to happen, it’s a tough workforce that knows how to build electric vehicles. We work in partnership in training with our unions.

Although Barra expressed that she didn’t really want to talk about Tesla anymore, Sorkin persisted and wanted her to explain why she believed Tesla had not been invited to meetings with the Biden administration of which GM was a part. Barra replied curtly, “I have no idea. I’m not in charge of the guest list.

Sorkin asked her, given Tesla’s role in the industry, if she didn’t find it a little odd. She cut him off saying:

“You know, Andrew, I don’t have one. I don’t think much about it. There are a lot of things I think about when it comes to competitors, but when I look at who is building the middle class, who has great opportunities for a very talented workforce, this is not something that I think a lot.

You can watch the full interview here.

It takes a strong and motivated workforce to do what Tesla has done for the electric vehicle market. This workforce was not GM’s, but Tesla’s. Tesla saved the electric vehicle and led the market to what it is today. All the dancing around this and the clarification of who has led the EV market has been weird. I think it would be better to be honest and direct about this, as Volkswagen’s Herbert Diess was.

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