EXCLUSIVE: Violent carjacking attempt at gas station filmed shows rising crime in San Francisco’s Mission District


SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A chilling attempted carjacking and robbery at a gas station caught on camera highlights the rise in crime in a neighborhood.

Aldo Digiualo owns a small auto repair shop along Cesar Chavez in the Mission District of San Francisco. He says the crime that happened at the gas station next to his business is not necessarily new.

“You see it all day, little things of people getting out of their car, trying to get gas, running backwards and someone’s hand is in their window, trying to grab something.”

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“It’s bad here now,” he exclaims.

Surveillance video shows a gray van stopping in front of a pump. A man gets out and approaches the white Mercedes sedan. Moments later, a second camera shows a suspect struggling with a woman for her purse. When she doesn’t let go, another suspect exiting the gray truck punches her twice in the face. She falls to the ground.

Stan Kephart is a retired police chief and served nearly 40 years in departments across the country, including San Jose. He says suspects often look for “soft targets”.

“They’re distracted by what they’re doing, they’re just standing there pumping gas.”

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Although there is no data specifying crime at gas stations, the latest data from the new ABC7 neighborhood safety locator shows that vehicle thefts this year in the Mission have increased by 28% compared to the three-year average. Robberies are up 6% from the three-year average.

Although Kephart doesn’t recommend fighting back, saying that statistically a person’s reaction time is severely limited during a fast-paced crime, he recommends only getting gas when lots of other people are doing it. same.

“It’s something that weighs the potential of you becoming a victim a bit in your favor.”

As for this incident at the gas station, SFPD confirms that the suspects could not have stolen the Mercedes. The video shows them giving up after being unable to start the car. Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

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