Facepay announces the release of Payments Delighter


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Facepay Inc. announces the release of Delighter on its payment platform. Profitable auto repair shops are adopting customer-centric workflows to differentiate themselves from competitors. Facepay has added features requested by service advisors working directly with customers. Through the use of workflow, workshops are rewarded with higher repair orders. Auto shops that integrate Facepay into their workflow achieve 15% more profitable transactions.

Facepay first appeared in the industry as a direct banking option available as a subscription service. While some merchants are not used to direct bank payments; their customers certainly are, with over 65% of the banking population regularly using the same technology for direct banking. Longstanding misconceptions that airline miles and rewards drive consumer decisions are quickly becoming obsolete.

Not only are store customers willing to bank directly, they emerged as a top contributor to the customer effort score, recently cited in the Harvard Business Review. Rob Morrison, owner of Morrison’s Auto Rite, says, “I started using Facepay thinking it would be convenient for my customers to have express payments over the phone, and it took off. By simply including Facepay as an option, customers sign up and pay.” The Increase in Purchase Model study finds that introducing a direct payment option results in a massive increase in sales of around 36 %.

In response to these accelerating consumer trends, this release of Delighter organizes the features requested by Service Advisors into three editions.

Start editing. provides practice access to vehicle pick-up while providing them with a direct banking option that customers now prefer. Service Advisors set expectations at drop-off (or intake) for how customers can retrieve their vehicle after their service is complete – after-hours pickup, express payment, loaner, and concierge services .

Grow Edition. Facepay talks to stores regularly and nearly 1 in 5 experience chargebacks from payments made via SMS. This happens because credit card security features (such as name and address validation) are disabled by their processor; or stores simply cannot accept credit cards over the phone due to the lack of security of recorded lines. Features in this edition include personalized and convenient SMS and email payment through Direct Banking guaranteeing stores will be paid before the customer receives their vehicle.

Scale edition. These same customers driving new payment trends also want access to subscription plans. Studies have shown that 54% of customers prefer companies that have a subscription as an available option. Facepay offers templates that stores can customize and offer to their customers.

Stores using Facepay platform have the added advantage of this platform is that it pays for itself since their customers pay you directly with same compensation on the same day.

Service Advisors are an integral part of the customer experience and repair shop owners recognize the importance of retaining and motivating qualified employees. Homeowners are willing to “share the difference” in their saved credit card fees when they switch to direct bank payments with their service advisors. Brittany Schindler, general manager of Rod’s Japanese, uses it to pay for comprehensive health benefits for all of her employees. We produced this feature and it is included in this release of Delighter.

“Using Facepay immediately increases bottom line profits with more cash in the business and ultimately increases gross profits,” says Ron Greenman, chief operating officer of the Automotive Training Institute. Facepay is an ATI Diamond Partner. Facepay will unveil its Delighter version at the ATI Partner ShowCase on September 8-9. More details can be found at https://events.autotraining.net/fallshowcase22.

This release is immediately available to all current customers. If you would like a demo, please visit www.facepay.io or call (800) 403-0221.

About Facepay

Facepay is a more profitable payment experience. Facepay is a subscription service that increases your auto shop profits by 15%. We do this by reimagining payments to be an integral part of your customer workflow. Facepay sharing technology works with all existing systems and includes popular features such as guaranteed SMS and email payments, same-day clearing and subscription offers.

For more information or to schedule a demo, visit www.facepay.io or call (800) 403-0221.


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