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By Edita McQuary

Our full-service repair and maintenance shop has seen an increase in local families who appreciate our locally owned and operated business,” according to owner’s son, Marc Spoorenberg, Kyle.

Kyle, 31, graduated from Arizona State University with two degrees and has worked with his father at Big O Tires for six years.

Kyle and Marc Spoorenberg

Although Big O is a franchise, it is a local mom and pop, or rather son and pop, store with long-time customers who refer their college-aged children to them for maintenance of their automobiles.

Big O Tires has the buying power of a national brand but the personal service of a local family business.

Even during the Covid pandemic with many people working from home, people still needed cars to travel. The store was sanitized, all doors were left open for cross ventilation, car seat covers were wiped down before and after use, and Clorox wipes were readily available.

“We did not lose any employees and were fully staffed. Our employees benefit from a family business environment and do not work on commission. We don’t pressure customers to make repairs unless failure to make the repair will make the vehicle unsafe to drive,” Kyle says.

“Our business is almost like a family and reflects how all of our employees treat our customers and welcome them to our store. We believe everyone is our friendly neighbor and we are an open garage to help anyone we can.

Big O Tires, locally owned but affiliated with the national chain, has a good record of employee retention. Of their 15 employees, two have been with the company for 15 years and three for more than 10 years. The work environment can be hectic but is generally not too stressful.

According to Kyle, “Sometimes it’s hectic because everyone wants to come see us at Big O Tires and it’s just volume. organized and efficient chaos!

Although the name suggests they only sell tires, their business is a fully licensed auto repair shop with 15 employees and five service bays. They perform full manual scheduled maintenance services for owners and oil change options with free fill service. Big O is a full service shop authorized to perform factory scheduled maintenance for all major automotive brands.

Marc, Kyle’s father, says, “There’s no need to go to the dealership for maintenance. We do a better job for less money with a lot less hassle. Instead of sitting in traffic and waiting in line, our customers can cross the street, have a cup of coffee at Staff of Life or go to The Buttery and have trouble with some pastries while we take care of their car. and send them on their way with a big smile on their face.

Some of their free services are: Free brake inspection (no appointment necessary); Free 22-point vehicle inspection (without an appointment), free battery and charging system check, free 5-minute wiper blade/bulb inspection; and free local shuttle service.

As for tire services, they provide a free alignment check with print and free air pressure checks every day (without an appointment). With the purchase of new tires, there is a free rotation and a free balance with each rotation. With any tire purchase, there’s a free flat tire repair and low-cost tire warranty. A Big O credit card is available with 6 months interest-free financing.

With a focus on exceptional customer service, it’s no surprise that Big O’s motto is “The Team You Trust”.

Marc understands that to truly build a trustworthy team, you have to think about who gets hired and go the extra mile to show their appreciation. “We know that to build a great team, we have to take great care of people. That’s why we mix fun and hard work,” he adds.

“Of course, we also support local charities such as collecting Christmas coats, supporting breast cancer, buying sports equipment for local schools and providing scholarships for students.” Their most recent local involvement was donating to the Omega Nu organization for their Ducky Derby event.

When asked what it was like working with his dad, Kyle replied, “We both think logically and mix dad’s ‘old school’ and my ‘new school’ thinking really well. . In fact, we are a great team!


Big O Tires is open Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1219 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, phone 831.429.9989. E-mail [email protected];

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