Ferrari plans different path to Lamborghini, Porsche with first SUV


Maranello, ITALY – Ferrari has no plans to follow Lamborghini and Porsche, which are rapidly doubling their global sales after the launch of their first SUVs.

“The Purosangue will represent no more than 20% of the company’s sales, on average,” Ferrari marketing director Enrico Galliera said on Thursday as the supercar maker revealed its plans for the next four years.

Preventing this level from growing could be difficult.

When asked how many orders Ferrari had already received for the Purosangue, Galliera replied: “The demand is going to be a problem for the company, although a positive one.”

He is optimistic because after showing the SUV to current Ferrari owners in Maranello on Wednesday, “the reaction has been overwhelming”. He said most of those Ferrari loyalists “want to buy it”, which translates into a huge backlog.

The automaker has a habit of selling models even before they are officially unveiled, encouraging existing customers to add the company’s latest models to their collections.

La Purosangue will be unveiled in September and shipments are expected to begin in early 2023.

Analysts wondered how much volume the Purosangue would add to Ferrari’s overall sales. The company sold 11,155 cars in 2021, down from 9,119 the previous year.

Ferrari, however, clarified that the new model will not have a similar impact to that of the Urus for Lamborghini or the Cayenne for Porsche.

“We don’t want to double our volumes,” said Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna.

By comparison, Porsche sold 54,234 cars in 2001, the year before the Cayenne was launched. In 2005, the volume of the German mark was 96,794. Last year, Porsche sold a record 301,915 cars, the Cayenne and its little brother, the Macan, together accounting for 57% of this total.

Lamborghini said this month that the Urus had become its all-time bestseller, doing so in the shortest time in company history. Since its market debut in 2018, 20,000 units of the Urus have been built. Last year, the Urus accounted for 60% of Lamborghini’s record annual sales of 8,405.

Ferrari said last month that the Purosangue will feature an aspirated V-12 gasoline engine.

Galliera added on Thursday that the SUV should “enrich the sports car offering in the Ferrari range”.

Vigna added: “Customers who have driven it have agreed that it really is a sports car.”


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