Gas prices drop back below $4, says AAA


Gasoline prices fell last week as drivers continue to cut their time on the road, according to AAA. (iStock)

The national average cost of a gallon of gasoline fell 10 cents last week, again dipping below $4, according to AAA.

Gasoline prices fell to $3.95 per gallon, mainly due to stable oil prices and fewer drivers on the road filling up, AAA said in a weekly update it came out on Monday.

“Falling prices at the pump could eventually get more drivers back on the road,” said AAA spokesman Andrew Gross. “But that hasn’t happened yet. Instead, many drivers are waiting for prices to drop further before returning to their normal driving habits.”

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Americans are changing their driving habits to cope with high gas prices

Although gasoline prices fell last week, they have steadily increased over the past year. To combat this added cost, many Americans have changed their lifestyles to reduce the amount of driving they do, AAA said.

A recent survey from AAA said about two-thirds of American adults have changed their driving habits since March. The two main changes were to drive less and to combine races.

In a separate space AAA survey earlier this year, about 59% of Americans said they would change their lifestyle and driving habits if gas prices hit $4 a gallon. That number jumped to 75% of Americans if gasoline hit $5 a gallon, which it did in June.

Some Americans have even changed their travel plans and postponed vacations due to rising prices, AAA said.

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This is where gas prices have fallen the most

Gas prices fell more significantly in some parts of the United States last week than in others. These states saw the largest weekly declines:

  1. Maine: 19 cents
  2. Colorado: 18 cents
  3. West Virginia: 16 cents
  4. Arizona: 15 cents
  5. Illinois: 15 cents
  6. New Mexico: 14 cents
  7. Florida: 13 cents
  8. Nebraska: 13 cents
  9. Arkansas: 13 cents
  10. Kansas: 13 cents

Additionally, the average price of gas in the United States varies by location. Here are the top 10 states with the cheapest average gas prices:

  1. Texas: $3.45
  2. Arkansas: $3.47
  3. TN: $3.50
  4. Oklahoma: $3.50
  5. South Carolina: $3.50
  6. Georgia: $3.51
  7. Mississippi: $3.52
  8. Kansas: $3.53
  9. Missouri: $3.53
  10. Alabama: $3.54

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