Global Auto Parts Shortage Affects Eau Claire Repair Shop | Chippewa Valley News


CLEAR WATER (WQOW) – You may have heard of auto parts shortages affecting car dealerships, but the lack of supply is also affecting local repair shops.

Owner and operator David Savage of Superior Auto Body in Eau Claire said before the pandemic he could easily get a part shipped overnight, but in the past two years it could take three weeks or even two months. .

Superior had to order parts from all over the country and adds that even if someone has a vehicle made in the United States, all the parts may not have been made in the United States.

Some of the items they struggled to get were the bumper dampers, the beltline moldings, the door handles, the doors, and even the brackets and plastics that connect certain parts.

Savage said this whole experience has been difficult for them, the insurance companies they work with and their customers.

“It might be their only transportation and their policy might say they only have 30 days rental, so after 30 days it’s over,” Savage said. “They’re scrambling. We’re scrambling. We hope everyone understands what’s going on, the seriousness of these issues at the moment, because so far we haven’t seen the situation improve.”

Savage asks everyone to be patient with all back orders. Other auto repair shops said they were having similar issues.


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