Governor running for re-election presents himself on auto insurance reform platform


Motorists in the state of Michigan have received special attention in recent months. Last month, the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) voted unanimously to approve the refund of auto insurance premiums, after Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer asked the MCCA to return its $ 5 surplus. billion dollars to auto insurance customers.

Now the Associated Press has revealed that a Democratic group allied with Whitmer is running ads throughout bowl season to publicize the $ 400 per vehicle pending insurance reimbursements for Michigan drivers. The move is Democrats’ first on television in Whitmer’s gubernatorial race and comes 11 months before she was reelected.

In the ad, Whitmer, who is supported by an affiliate of the Democratic Governors Association, said people can agree to support Utah in defeating the state of Ohio and that they deserve a break after ” years of auto insurance overpayment “.

The ads follow a report that despite Michigan’s auto insurance reform law that has lowered premiums by 18% on average since its implementation, the state still has the most expensive auto policies country, according to analysis by the University of Michigan’s Poverty Solutions initiative. .


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