Have you ever bribed a mechanic to do something?


This week, I was at the garage to pick up my vehicle from my usual garage. As we spoke with the assistant mechanic about a few other projects they had in the field (including the Toyota Solara he plans to drop a Cummins diesel in), he said casually, “People know that a bottle good tequila for [the shop owner] and a case of Coors Light to me means their car is worked first. Food and alcohol work well for us.”

I already knew this because when we owned a pizza place a few years ago, my husband would show up with a large, fresh pizza when he needed help. High-quality tequila, however, seems to be the incentive to choose.

There are stories circulating of attempts to trick emission monitoring stations into overtaking a vehicle that would otherwise fail. It’s more than a little risky, though, because getting caught surely means a lot of trouble for both the briber and the recipient (like last year’s case in which two former California Highway Patrol officers allegedly received 35,000 $ in bribes). Slipping an extra bonus into your mechanic feels a lot safer.

Hey, this is a judgment-free zone; you do what you have to do. Let’s listen to your experiences.

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