HDVI expands into two new states


Commercial auto insurance provider High Definition Vehicle Insurance (HDVI) has announced that it will now be available for fleets in North Carolina and Colorado. HDVI will allow trucking companies in the United States to reduce their insurance costs through the use of telematics.

More than 85% of communities in North Carolina and 79% of communities in Colorado rely exclusively on trucks to transport their goods, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. More than 95% of manufactured tonnage is transported by truck in both states.

HDVI provides trucking companies with a dynamically priced commercial trucking insurance product, HDVI Shift, which rewards fleets for safe driving.

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“Using real-time risk models, HDVI identifies and monitors the frequency of risk factors to provide monthly insurance premium discounts of up to 12% to customers who improve their security scores. said Reid Spitz, Colorado native, co-founder and chief product officer of HDVI. “We bring a game-changing insurance solution to my home country and across the United States for fleets looking to improve safety and reduce operating costs.”

HDVI serves small and midsize truck fleets in 17 states, and plans to expand that number to 25 by the end of the year.


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