Here’s how many Canadians would do their own auto repair


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According to a recent study, more than half of Canadians would prefer to maintain and repair their vehicles themselves.

Compare the Market, a price comparison site, surveyed Canadians, Australians and Americans about car DIY habits. It revealed that 57% of Canadians would perform DIY actions on their vehicle – 42% said small things, such as an oil change to fix a window chip, while 15 said they would tackle to more complex projects such as the replacement of a starter.

The remaining 43% said they would always take their vehicle to a repair shop, no matter the problem. In the United States, 64% said they would tackle the problem themselves (44% said the problems were small; 20% also said the problems were big), while 52% of Australians said the the same (41 and 11%, respectively). .

While most Canadians wouldn’t bother with an auto repair if they had no experience, 30% said they would give it a shot anyway. That compares to a quarter of Australians and 36% of Americans.

Across the three countries, most agreed they had no idea if performing a DIY task on their vehicle would void the warrant – 43% of Canadians and Americans and 42% of Australians. Americans (28.4%) were the most insistent that they could at least do some repairs on their car without it affecting their warranty — 24% of Canadians said so, and a fifth of Australians .

The report also noted that vehicle owners could save between $345 and $880 by doing the repair and maintenance work themselves, highlighting windshield repair, starter replacement, battery replacement , oil change and air filter replacement as tasks they could perform.


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